Inter CPU 中 RDRAND and RDSEED的区别

在考虑制作测试真正随机数生成卦的时候,发现有文件指出,RDSEED 和 RDRAND 的区别是 RDRAND 采用的是 128-bit AES 密钥的 CTR-DRBG,而 RDSEED 则是直接从真随机数发生器中获得输出(两者并不是直接使用真随机发生器的输出,这些输出是做过 AES-CBC-MAC 处理的,防止外界通过观测输出了解内部运行的细节)

在Inter的《The Difference Between RDRAND and RDSEED》中指出,两者使用间的区别:

“The decision process for which instruction to use is mercifully simple, and based on what the output will be used for.

  • If you wish to seed another pseudorandom number generator (PRNG), use RDSEED
  • For all other purposes, use RDRAND

That's it. RDSEED is intended for seeding a software PRNG of arbitrary width. RDRAND is intended for applications that merely require high-quality random numbers.”


yinfupai--Inter CPU 中 RDRAND and RDSEED的区别--随机数




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