The Feng Shui of The Versailles Palace, France

Ⅰ、The construction of Versailles Palace

The world-famous Versailles is located in the town of Versailles, 18 kilometers southwest of Paris. The interior is Baroque-style, with some of Loroque’s style, renowned for its splendid richness and richness.

However, Versailles as a living palace, feng shui can be described as very bad, Louis XIV since the French royal family moved to Versailles, the French royal family began to decline.

The reason why Louis XIV decided to move to Versailles was because of the two massive stone-spar rebellions in Paris between 1648 and 1653, combined with the poor conditions in Paris at the time. After a field trip, he decided to transfer the royal family The palace moved out of chaotic Paris city, moved to Versailles.

Originally, Versailles was originally a temporary resting place for hunting, a forest and a swamp wasteland. In the Middle Ages, forests and swamps were, of course, beautiful and beautiful except for fantasy and mystery.

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The PalaceofVersaillesc. 1668 by PierrePatel

In 1667, Lenot designed Versailles gardens and fountains, and Lever constructed new palaces on the west, north and south sides of the hunting palace, encircling the original hunting palaces. The east side of the original hunting palace was retained as the main entrance to the construction of the marble courtyard.

In 1668, the construction of the main part of the Palace of Versailles was completed. It can be seen that although there was a straight road at the rear, a river was built on the middle of the rear road, The impact is greatly reduced.

At this time in front of Versailles Palace, although there are some road rushing, but in fact more gentle, the power is not so strong, with the formation of the arch outside the woods, forming the Versailles Archery situation.

For France, which was at the helm of Europe at that time, this was a very good situation. However, by 1674, the architect Mengsha took control of the Palace of Versailles from Lever and built the north and south wings of the palace. The church , The Orangery and the stables and other ancillary buildings, and built in front of the palace of the three radial avenue, and the three radial Avenue became a clear symbol of Versailles Palace, but it has become a strong road rushed Versailles.

Ⅱ 、Louis XIV period

After many years of construction was completed, on May 6, 1682, Louis XIV announced the relocation of the French court from Paris to Versailles.

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This 1690 oil painting portrays an outward appearance from the Palace of Versailles. It can be noted that the outward movement of the arch originally formed with the woodland disappears, while two curves are formed on the left and right sides of the road building.

From the architectural structure of this fairly beautiful, but Feng Shui is very bad, about divided into two arches, resulting in the original Versailles Palace rocket attack situation has also been lost, and in turn formed a rifle rushed to the Palace of Versailles The general road rush.

The three roads have been preserved to the modern, from the modern photos you can see the original look of the building.

yinfupai--The Feng Shui of The Versailles Palace, France--风水 3

yinfupai--The Feng Shui of The Versailles Palace, France--风水 4

If you look at the compass, Versailles feng shui obvious guilty of a big taboo, the entire palace axis to sit in the middle of Xinchu B, in other words, sit in the mountains between Hexagram Qian, which is obviously a Gua , And a hexagram in feng shui is a very dangerous scenario.

Moreover, the entire building of Versailles is built on soft sand and mud, so the foundation of some places will sink, which further aggravate the situation of bad feng shui , and because of the building problems caused by the Versailles is very cold, which obviously does not meet the feng shui livable Requirements, according to the ancient saying that this is fierce, not conducive to breeding children and grandchildren.

Versailles palace is concave, the door of the guardrail can play a role in alleviating, however, in front of the ferocious road rushing completely helpless, and the positive three major road, is clearly the pattern of formation of unlucky which in the second、 the third and the fourth planetary periods。

After Louis XIV moved in 1682, he entered the First planetary periods in 1684 and delivered it every twenty years.

As the situation has shown, Louis Xiv’s fortunes have come to an end since then. Although France has a strong heritage and military presence, it still costs the French economy in the ensuing war.

The nine-year war between France and the Holy Roman Emperor from 1688 to 1697 (the Great Confederacy War, also known as the Augsburg Confederacy war and the successor to the Palatine throne), was still in progress, only leading to France being Overlord situation lost, but still maintain the power status.

However, four years later, another Spanish succession war broke out between 1702 and 1713. This war also brought a lot of natural disasters. The big chill in 1709 and soaring battles fought France Of the economy, starving a large number of deaths have caused the society on the brink of collapse, the French population may have dropped from around 21 million in the 1670s to less than 19 million in 1712.

The war entered the Second Movement at the end of the first phase of the operation. After a planetary periods of operations, France officially entered a recession. Although France was nominally the most powerful country in Europe, after the publication of the “Utrecht Treaty of Haval”, the French Seriously disappointed with the result, Louis XIV’s original great image and high popularity were also lost in his later years. The people no longer regarded the king as the sun. The title of “Louis the Great” vanished even more from French words and memories.

Later Voltaire commented on Louis XIV in 1751: “In the last three years of his life, the great and memorable performance of his life has been lost in the eyes of most subjects.”

Louis XIV and his queen had three men and three daughters, but all except Elder Prince grew up, the second Prince Burgundy was born in 1682 after moving into Versailles.

In bad luck, people often do bad things to make things worse.

If that is the case, there is no immediate problem, and, worst of all, the Royal Chapel, begun in 1700, was not completed on June 5, 1710.

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yinfupai--The Feng Shui of The Versailles Palace, France--风水 6

In front of said the second the third and the fourth planetary periods will case some problems, and from 1704 to 1724, belong to the second planetary periods . The second planetary periods of the five yellow star, and the fleeting in 1710 the same two into the meteor, five Huang also fly to Hexagram Gen(艮卦).

Double five yellow star plus force, greatly enhanced the bad power, at the same time in 1710(庚寅年), and the construction of the Royal Hall is also Yin(寅) position, is too old party.

Flow of five yellow to the party can not be defused, the planet Jupiter at this point, more importantly, playing Yi Xun himself happened to be born Yin(寅) year, so Louis XIV just moved this direction, so catastrophe quickly triggered.

In 1710 Louis XIV had a son, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren at the time.

In 1711 (Xin Mao), the eldest son of Louis XIV died, the Duke of Burgundy inherited the throne.

In 1712 (Renchen) In February of the same year, the wife of the Duke of Burgundy died of smallpox, and a week later the Duke of Burgundy died, inherited by his eldest son Brittany, the Duke of Burgundy.

In 1712 (Renchen) In March, the same year heir Brittani died.

In 1713 (Decatur), Britain and France signed the Treaty of Utrecht

In 1714 (at noon), the duke of the late Prince Edward Prince Barrie fell to the horse and died.

1715 (B), Louis XIV died of gangrene, before the death of the throne to his grandson.

During the past five years, almost all of his ancestors and grandchildren died, leaving only one grandson, later Louis XV, Louis XV, was born without exception. In fact, he was almost dead after birth in 1710 and was fortunate to have been given Good care, just five years after he inherited the throne.

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FRANCE:VERSAILLES,1714.Plan of the palace

The plan for the 1714 Palace of Versailles. The plan is the back garden, the inverted cross, and the lower Versailles as a human figure.

This construction, which foreshadowed later major changes in France, ends here with the symbolic meanings here.

Ⅲ、The Louis XV period

When Louis XV was 17 years old, he returned to Versailles in June 1722 and began to govern. During this period, some adjustments were made to the interior of Versailles Palace. The second greatest hobby was the mass planting of various kinds of flowers collected in the back garden Rare plants come.

Louis XV does not live long in the Palace of Versailles, because he thinks the Palace of Versailles is very uncomfortable, and think it is too cold, so often back and forth in many places to live, more time he was in Versailles, Fontainebleau, Rialon (later built, behind Versailles Palace) and other places to live back and forth.

But this is his lucky side, if he went to Versailles Palace and long-term residence, I am afraid he is on the guillotine and not Louis XVI.

The unlucky aspects of Louis XV are manifest in his childrens.

Louise Élisabeth of France (August 14, 1727 ~ December 6, 1759), married to the Duke of Parfait Philip in 1739. There are 1 male and 2 female, aged 32 years old.

Anne Henriette of France (August 14, 1727 to February 10, 1752), all under the age of 25.

Marie Louise (Marie Louise of France, July 28, 1728 to February 19, 1733) died under the age of five.

Prince Louis Wang (September 4, 1729 ~ December 20, 1765), at the age of 36 years.

Philip (August 30, 1730 ~ April 17, 1733), died under the age of 3.

Princess Marie Adélaïde of France (March 23, 1732 – February 27, 1800), aged 68.

Sophie Philippine of France (July 17, 1734 – March 3, 1782), aged 47.

The Thérèse of France (March 16, 1736 to September 28, 1744) died at the age of eight.

Louise Marie of France (July 5, 1737 ~ December 23, 1787), all the year round.

Most of the children of Louis XV died prematurely or prematurely, and only one princess was married. None of the other princesses was married. The reasons were also far-fetched and there was no dowry.

If you notice, you will find that these ten children were born between the third planetary periods(1724 ~ 1744), which is due to the unfavorable situation of the third planetary periods and that many of them died in the the third planetary periods.

On December 20, 1765, Prince Louis Louis Ferdinand of Louis XV died of tuberculosis at the Fontainebleau Palace at 35 years old.

The Prince of Louis XIV died in 1909, and the Prince of Louis XV died in the Year of the World, which is not a coincidence with the straight-line approach.

However, Louis Ferdinand, although premature death, but because the prince just lived in Versailles early years, and later lived in the Prince Fontainebleau courtyard, but fortunately the remaining four sons did not influence Versailles.

In 1774 Louis XV added a theater, also in the back garden plantation, and during this time before Louis XV he and his Countess Barisan (Jeanne Beuche) lived often in Little Terry Yaonong Palace.

On May 10 of the same year Louis XVI died of smallpox. His eldest son, Prince Edward, passed away and left a son, Count of Provence. However, as Prince Edward had four sons, Louis’s grandson took the throne and became Louis XVI.

The Petit Triana House was also problematic. When it was built in 1762, it was originally built for Lady Pompidou, the mistress of Louis XV, but four years before the completion of the construction, Madame de Pompadour died, The countess’s income, by 1774, Louis XVI inherited the throne, and gave it to his Queen Marie Antoinette, and then in 1793 Madame de Pompidou and Countess Du Barry was guillotined.

Ⅳ、The Louis XVI period

After 1784, it entered the sixth planetary periods. The situation facing Louis XVI began to be severe. The domestic economy was aggravating, while France also carried huge amounts of government bonds.

This is due in large part to the fact that French aristocrats and Catholics are duty-free, yet a great deal of resources for the creation of social wealth rest in the hands of aristocrats and Catholics, and it is very difficult for the King to begin to solve this problem.

On July 14, 1789, the rebels saw stockpiles of weapons and ammunition in the Bastille prison, so they went to snatch and organized manpower to snatch. There were a total of eight prisoners in prison, including four warders Workers, two aristocrats who were held for moral crimes, including the Marquis de Sade, and a murderer.

The warden reconcile to avoid fighting, and then be dragged out to chop the knife after the beheaded, on the same day and will refuse to provide arms to the Chamber of Commerce shot.

Although France later defined this as the National Day, it was considered a great event. It was the beginning of the French Revolution. Actually, it was a riot to seize Bastille and not to mention justice.

In contrast, what really makes sense is that in the same year, on August 4, 1789, the power of the feudal lords of the second rank (aristocrats all over the country) and the taxation of the first rank (the Catholic Church) were removed from the resolutions of the National Assembly.

The Clergy Civil Code adopted on July 12, 1790, the priest became a national employee. At the same time, the establishment of an electoral system for parish priests and bishops to determine the proportion of remuneration paid to priests, many Catholics opposed the election system, because it denied the Pope’s authority over the Pope in France. Eventually, in 1790, the National Assembly began to demand that all Priest allegiance to the royal family.

In 1791, in 1911, Louis XVI became the victim of the struggle and was sent to the guillotine for execution, while the second son, Louis Charlie, was proclaimed Louis XVII by Count Provence, the younger brother of Louis XVI.

On July 27, 1794, Louis XVII was imprisoned. The following year, French officials announced the death of Louis XVI, 10, who died of tuberculosis in prison. In the same year, the Count of Provence autobiographed Louis XVIII, traveled Europe, and in Prussia, Britain and Russia, hoping to restore it.

Versailles experienced several ravages during this period until 1833 when King Louis Philip of the Orléans ordered the restoration of the Palace of Versailles to be turned into a museum of history.

In addition, in 1871, Thiers also became the French prime minister, the Thiers government has also lived in Versailles, but Thiers did not have children too.

Ⅴ、The Grand Canal of Versailles, the Grand Canal influence.

In fact, the anti-Catholic sentiment of the French people was not so fierce after the French Revolution ended. This was because the brutal and dark oppression and domination were being carried out by either the Gironde or Jacobin after the Great Revolution that year For many French people, it is actually not as good as it used to be.

yinfupai--The Feng Shui of The Versailles Palace, France--风水 8

Mentioned earlier, the construction of the Palace of Versailles, the figure looks weird, the garden after the Palace of Versailles looks like a face to Versailles as the main body, with the bottom of the three roads constitute a human-like pattern.

The Grand Canal, which was dug at the top of Louis XIV, was a cross, however, a closer look revealed that the cross was an inverted cross.

yinfupai--The Feng Shui of The Versailles Palace, France--风水 9

It is rarely mentioned in the secret that the cross at the top is reversed and that it does not correspond to the common form of the cross. Such an inverted cross, which was accused of being a symbol of Satan, is in fact incorrect.

yinfupai--The Feng Shui of The Versailles Palace, France--风水 10

More than a hundred years later, the icon of Western occultism, Alester Crawley, disagrees with religious explanations, which he believes represent the refutation of grace and the divorce of Jesus.

If from the rune sense, the cross is actually a manifestation of the sunshine worship, and later symbolizes the light and shade, the symbol of 卍 and 便 is the change of the cross rotation, representing the glorious spillover.

This symbol was used by the Amian for painting on the body for protection, and the Indians used it in the Vedic tradition, which further mystified it and used it to awaken the power. Buddhism and Nazi later used it and had themselves explanation of.

As in the Louvre collection of the 700-650 BC Italy Itrashikan civilization ornaments, there are four such symbols, used as amulets. In fact, the real function of this symbol is to dissolve the meaning of the symbol, as it is in the traditional Chinese culture, and it is capable of resolving all unhealthy factors. It shines off all the darkness as the sun’s rays shine In religion, it is extended to have the power of redemption.

Versailles design is not a problem if it is a pure cross, but in this cultural context, the cross and the human form of the phase separation, according to biblical legend, Jesus is for the world to sacrifice, so sacrificed himself, and with There is the power of redemption at the crucifixion of Crucifix.

If it is understood from a mystical point of view, in fact, Jesus on the cross has become a substitute for all, and after being blessed, it can have the role of substituting people to suffer. The metaphor of cross runes can dissolve these sins. Of course, it is impossible to actually have such a great power, but faith needs a sustenance, just right to be chosen.

When the cross was separated from the human form, the human form here still metaphorically represented the victims, which meant that the separation of man and the cross, if abstracted to reality, led to later French declarations that the French church would be governed by the state under the papal rule.

One principle to remember here is that the symbolic architecture of a region often influences the cultural awareness of an area and will further drive the behavior of the masses. And this kind of drive may not necessarily be clearly perceived, but requires subtle changes in the cultural context Recognition, but the time needs to be much longer.

This formed wind originally had a local influence. However, when the Palace of Versailles was the political center of the Louis family, this influence directly affected the entire country and affected the entire country.

France has always had close ties with Catholics. At first, in the early 16th century, the French king was the highest head of the church and somewhat out of control of the Holy See. However, due to its adherence to the Catholic faith, it opposed religious reform.

If you notice that this symbol sits on the mountain between Qian(乾) and Dui(兑).The number of Qian(乾) is six, and the Dui(兑) is seven, so it has led to a dramatic change in France between the sixth  and the seventh planetary periods. The road Rushing through the Palace of Versailles and the cruciform lake, the entire Versailles Palace and the back garden cut in half.

This is the eve of Napoleon’s rise between the sixth and the seventh planetary periods. What is different from what the public knows is that Napoleon was not from the poor, but from a nobility. After his father ruined his property in Rome, Fall, but Napoleon is indeed a highly gifted person, so still be able to read the aristocratic military academy and only became a second lieutenant.

Napoleon began to emerge in 1793, and many subsequent military manifestations of military talent. It is precisely because of this background that all the forces left behind by the Bourbon dynasty are expected to support the restoration of the dynasty by supporting Napoleon, and all parties have given strong support.

During the French Revolution, the masses were greatly disgusted with the Catholic Church and regarded by the Pope as a catastrophe of the Biblical Apocalypse. Therefore, they also constantly incited the domestic rebellions in France and on the other hand tried to interfere with the French revolution in Russia and Austria.

In fact, the anti-Catholic sentiment of the French people was not so fierce after the French Revolution ended. This was because the brutal and dark oppression and domination were being carried out by either the Gironde or Jacobin after the Great Revolution that year For many French people, it is actually not as good as it used to be.

It was not until Napoleon that the life of the people changed a little, yet the hatred with the Roman Catholic Church was also ended. Under such circumstances, in 1798, France simply captured Rome and captured the Pope, further aggravating France’s serious antagonism with the Holy See and Napoleon After defeating the Knights of Malta, one of the Crusaders, and seizing the island of Malta, the remaining members of the Order of the Knights of Malta, now the Knights of the Hospitals, fled to Russia for asylum.

Then Napoleon was emperor, the most glorious period, Europe, except Britain, the rest of the nation surrendered or allied to Napoleon, forming a huge Napoleon’s empire system.

However, since the French Revolution, no one lived in Versailles, so after the history has nothing to do with the Versailles.


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