Explaining the Principle of XuanKong Gua

Explaining the Principle of XuanKong Gua

There is a message saying that the article on Pindao public number is more accurate in January.

It has been a long time no update, I am sorry everyone, recently it is too busy, so talk about something useful.

Recently, of course, it is still not always better, and we can still find an excuse for a glorious new year. The New Year painting is too much a bit too old. The amount of production per day is limited, and we can only publish it slowly.

Some people may say that there is something difficult for the draw and write a amulet of Taisui. Hold a brush to paste it. Otherwise, you can directly draw a point and add a little bit of the sun and moon to simply use a character that is too old. Just like the common Tianshi character, it is not possible to Really.

Alibaba on the mass production of people, two cents have one.

It is not easy to say such things as amulet of Taishui. It’s complicated and not complicated. If you have mastered the skills, you can only deal with the power of incense. Please be thankful for years of honor.

However, the entire process must be based on the Master’s participation. If it is merely a matter of painting and painting, it is at best drawn to comfort himself and to comfort others. As for Ji Jigui, it is basically pure brushing probability.

This most common action is actually the most difficult to deal with, because so many people are too much, you want to make all people as safe as possible, which means that on the one hand you need to eliminate as little as possible those low-probability events, on the other hand It is necessary to take into consideration the elimination of adverse events that are generally unfavorable for the current year.

These are far more complicated than just giving a concentrated probabilistic event like enhancing financial assets.

Some people also said that they wanted to do so much, and the founder blessed the natural spirit. This kind of thinking is too low.

Another kind of self-righteousness is understood, but it is actually not clear. Some people think that it is the secret of writing a book character. Then they desperately go inside and out, and claim that this is a scab.

This is actually very funny, because this kind of thing is only after the Song Dynasty. What is the priest painting in the Tang and Song dynasties?

The so-called “character does not know how to make people laugh”, but the trouble is here, a small number of people mastered the production methods, so they have evolved into a small hand industry.

The disadvantage of the small handicraftsmen is that they cannot keep up with the trend of industrialized production. However, the flaw of the industrial products is that everything seems to come out of the mold.

This anger is mostly caused by craftsmen’s attention when they are fully focused. If the small hand industry is limited to manual production, it will not touch the threshold of such traces for a lifetime.

Therefore, the maker must have a little spirit of artisan, even if it is only for the niche, but also need to adopt various methods and try their best to make better characters so that the believers can get better results.

Things in the Tao are always inseparable from internal refining. In Taoism, more energy from the founders has been placed on how to influence the natural landscape. Therefore, such a thing as a spirit to summon wind and thunder is essentially a use of the sages. We set the symbol and then complete it by recruiting the future.

However, in refining this kind of thing, in this hazy world everywhere, it will take time to slowly accumulate, naturally it will be slower.

Moreover, even those who have a solid foundation in general will not be called every time they draw a line. Don’t look for ways to hide a lot of records and call them to play in the future. Understand everything and play like that. Draw a few times a day, and it will probably be exhausted in less than a month.

Therefore, outside of this, we should consider some external aids to carry out more craftsmanship.

For example, for example, letting believers burn a symbol can produce better results. This is one of many considerations.

Of course, some of the founders also said that the real Taoism does not involve other things. It is purely engaged in refining internal strength, and it is called Dao Fa. This type of argument is mainly for some beginners not to be confused with incense magic, not to mention that. Indulge in all sorts of clever skills, because these are very easy to see results, but it is not the real avenue, it is easy to trap people in it and forget the original practice.

This is like the basic function of a mobile phone is to call, the call should be clear, and other features are not unimportant, but then there are prerequisites to ensure that the call is reliable, the voice is clear, otherwise this phone will not The value of existence.

Selecting the daily character, this is the icing on the cake. Usually, Pindao likes to use the star illumination to coordinate the Qimen, and then doddle the Tianxin to carry out the great five-letter and mine classes. However, in practice, it is found that this selection method is When repairing this kind of house, combined with good feng shui in good mountain and water, this effect is very strong, and sometimes even beyond expectation.

Some people may be surprised that it is not a good reminder so good.

This is too simple to think of. It has been a comprehensive assessment of the Lord’s family’s Ford’s blessings. If the goodness of his family’s performance is greater, then the people who transport his family to other people, if his family members, etc., only A small wealthy person can be mobilized, and if there is a lot of sin, so we can’t give the blessings。

If moral does not coordinate, Yukichi Fukuzawa has a great deal, and this is contrary to heavenly principles. Of course, these are things in feng shui, and they are not conducive to any benefit. Here, we still say that we use the term of choice.

Although the effect mentioned above can be very strong in feng shui applications, its strength is also greatly weakened when it falls on a thin pattern paper. Because a symbol itself cannot bear, Pindao thinks this is probably Constraints on the use of materials and writing, as well as the use of the method, after all, most of the magic can not be like a monument or door, long-term fixed in one place to feel the sky, constant position changes, the play and bearing of this force is very The big influence.

How to choose a day to come to have more power to give more power, it is worth researching and exploring.

If it is to change an angle, it does not consider how much this power condenses on the symbol. Instead, it considers the time itself as if it were a long river. It has undulating waves, and when a good point is found, the power of the symbol is exerted. Like a boat, you can use it as it is.

So it’s very interesting to mention the Xuankong’s theory.

This needs to explain that Xuankong’s theory of selecting Japan is actually a problem for many people. The biggest problem is good and bad. If you only play based on the theory of Xuankong’s amnesty, you have no idea what to do. Just to find out what the concept of pure blending, five in ten, and fifteen, there is no effect, and if it is effective, it is not a big deal.

Therefore, the general choice of the day is to use the first five elements of the protection of security, and then choose the Xuankong Great Choice Day, but this is also very embarrassing, the five elements are generally selected to protect the safety of the day, most of the Xuankong Dadu are Not quite right, the result is not too many days.

What’s more, even if you use the five elements themselves, you don’t dare to use them because they are not safe for the five elements themselves. For example, if you play according to the principles of the Five Elements, which is taught by Jiang Xinquan, then Jig’s words are wrong. One step is a big attack. It will be very hard to die.

For example, there is a pattern called forcing pressure in addition to the residual frame. Generally speaking, it is all sorts of unrest in the house like haunted or something. Then, if you choose this day, you can drive away all evil spirits at once. However, if your level is not enough, you have mismeasured it. The strength of the four pillars will suddenly become a bad day, and in an instant it will become a pressing force. The result will be the death of the host’s wealth.

Of course, we can not sure these arguments are not exaggerated, this is not a good conclusion, usually say that, but in fact it is definitely not a mere choice of the day can lead to such a big problem, most feng shui is also a big problem, and then If we choose another day to go wrong,not a single factor.


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