Australia Tour (1):The Feng Shui and Taoist Philosophy of the Sydney Opera House

Australia Tour (1):The Feng Shui and Taoist Philosophy of the Sydney Opera House

After ten hours of flight, I finally landed in Sydney. Although the poor road has never been to this land before, it is no stranger to this place, because the design of the Sydney Opera House is full of profound Taoist philosophy. It has always been one of the targets of poverty.

John Wuzhong, the designer of the Sydney Opera House, is deeply influenced by Chinese Taoist ideas in his design. These influences are derived from Lin Yutang, John Wu’s love for Lin Yutang, and even his own daughter. They are named Lin Wuzhong.

Most of the buildings after World War II were functional, and the architecture emphasizes that there is less energy and less energy. As long as the function meets the needs, the main purpose is the pop art at that time.

However, some designers do not think so. It is wrong to think that only the building that satisfies the function is built. The building should be integrated into the natural environment and constitute an organic whole.

The representative figure of this design idea is American architect F. L. Wright. He believes that the core of architectural design is to act according to the truth revealed by nature, rather than simply imitating nature, because nature is organic, so he called this The class is named “Organic Building.”

Wright is deeply influenced by Taoism. He used to be a self-truth. He is a person who loves Taoist philosophy very much. He was deeply inspired by Laozi’s “virtual” and “empty”, so that when Liang Sicheng went to the United States to study architecture, Wright said directly to Liang Sicheng that the best building was in China, and that this sentence was engraved on the wall as a school motto, which was almost the same as Picasso told Zhang Daqian.

One of Wright’s most famous works is the Flowing Water Villa.

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When the Kaufman family commissioned Wright to design the villa, he just wanted to have a waterfall in the room, but Wright designed the villa directly on the waterfall.

It can be seen from the flowing water villa that the water is 30% off, and the whole villa is integrated into the forest with mountains and rocks. It makes people feel that there is no contradiction. The straight lines and the rough rocks are against each other, making the ready-made landscape an extension of the house itself. It is natural.

John Wuzhong, who designed the Sydney Grand Theatre, started a cloud tour in 1948. He first went to Morocco in North Africa and felt the harmony between nature and architecture. Then he went to the United States to visit Wright. He was strongly infected by Wright and later went. North America, trying to figure out the architectural style of the Aztec and Maya.

In 1959, John Wu returned to China and met Liang Sicheng in Beijing. Liang Sicheng was the first person to create the French style. They conducted mutual discussions and research.

Here you can see the wonderful place of fate, the three famous architects are connected together, and all three are influenced by the thoughts of Laozi thousands of years ago.

Although in 1957, John Wuzhong won the design of the Sydney Opera House in Australia in the international competition, in fact, the original design was later easy to draft, because the design at that time was extremely difficult for the scientific and technological conditions of the year. thing.

In the later design of the Sydney Theatre, John Wu used the design of the arch and the echo of the inner wall, but due to the political struggle in Australia at the time, the Sydney Opera House itself was also a political project, eager to build to enhance the competitive position of Sydney, and The shape design of the opera house was so advanced that it was difficult to keep up with the technology at the time, the project was continuously postponed, and the funds were constantly overrun. Therefore, the Sydney government and John Wuzhong had a lot of contradictions and even expelled him.

In fact, almost all large-scale projects in the world are inevitably overspending. Some final projects even exceed the budget by more than ten times. The Suez Canal in Egypt exceeds the budget by 1900%. The expenditure on the Montreal Summer Olympics in Canada exceeds the budget by 1300%. The parliament building was over 1600%, and the Sydney Opera House was the same. After a lot of twists and turns, it was finally built in 1973.

Economically, these projects may not be successful at first, but from the human level, it is part of the symbol of human civilization and has a meaning far beyond the short-term economic returns.

Although China does not lack great architecture, we also need to learn with humility. From the first walk of human beings to the vast stars, human beings are constantly making progress, and the direction of progress is constantly returning and integrating into nature. It is always a long time to interpret the Taoist philosophy that has passed through time and space.

If the words are on the right track, the online photo of the opera house is too over-processed. Here, the mobile phone displays the real look that can be seen by the naked eye in the most ordinary weather.

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When the Sydney Opera House was designed, there were not many high-rise buildings in the Sydney area. Many of them were small bungalows. Only the bridge was a magnificent building. Therefore, when the site was selected, the bridge was taken into consideration in the landscape, making the Opera House itself The landscape of the area is coordinated with the composition.

The ocean, the bridge, the opera house, and the overall composition are picturesque.

Since the completion of the Sydney Opera House, Sydney has ushered in countless honours. As one of the most distinctive buildings of the 20th century, it was named a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2007 and has become a symbol of Australia.

This is the unique style of modern architectural art. It is also the concept of “organic architecture” that Wright highly admires. This design is not only in line with modern aesthetics, but also for professionals and civilians. It will have a stunning feeling.

In terms of the number of operations, there is often a controversy. Some people think that to the south of the equator, the theory of Yi Xue should be reversed from north to south, because at the same time, the spring and summer of the northern and southern hemispheres are just the opposite.

This theory sounds very reasonable, but can not withstand careful scrutiny, because the spring and summer of the northern and southern hemispheres are the opposite, because the sun’s inclination is caused by the sunshine. But if this theory is established, then the so-called five-line change of the whole year will become a change of sunshine caused by the angle between the sun and the earth’s illumination point.

If pushed to the extreme, there will be more inconsistencies. For example, the north and south poles are obviously snow all year round. Although they can theoretically have four seasons, the closer they are to the two poles, the less obvious the five lines are.

However, from the reality, we can see the Eskimos living in the Arctic, mainly in the yellow race. Their life changes are similar to those in the Indo-America in the Americas. They are also influenced by the culture of the outsiders and then begin to enter. Modern civilization is no different from other people.

However, if you think carefully, you will find that the astronomical perspective of the ancient Chinese is not placed on the relationship between the earth and the sun, but the center is placed in the distant heaven, so this logic should be reversed. The changes in the five elements of the four seasons are not simple. The four seasons of cold and warm changes, the northern hemisphere has more human habitation, more vast continents, nothing more than because it is more in line with the changes in the five elements of the Yi, and decided that this change is the location of the sun where the Earth is located.

So how is this verified? In the southern hemisphere, the calculation method of Feng Shui can be directly verified, and the answer can be obtained. Whether the north and the south are reversed.

At the Sydney Opera House, since the top of the opera house is clear lines, this measurement is very easy, the side facing the sea is the Zhi, the gate is in the afternoon, the water dragon is the potential, and the Sydney Bridge is from the beginning to the beginning, the middle is Dry and the sea, the bridge’s dry position, so that the power of the water flow has been played, resulting in the Sydney Opera House has a well-known reputation, but the match is obviously worse, this is the Sydney Opera House itself. The problem, although the appearance of this building is world-famous, in fact, this structure is unreasonable in many places in mechanics, which leads to high maintenance costs. If it is used here, it will be a very bad place. According to the report, there were staff injuries in the Sydney Opera House.



As can be seen from the video, the location of the Sydney Opera House is open to the sea, and there is a case in front of the left dragon and the right tiger. It is also quite beautiful from the overall situation.

Although the Sydney Opera House is world-famous, due to the high maintenance costs, the Australian government even considered the suspension of the Sydney Opera House, which was later commercialized to maintain its own expenses. About 8.2 million people visited each year. In mid-2015, More than 1.45 million people participated in more than 1,900 performances, and the revenue from food and beverage sales exceeded $10 million for the first time. The funds raised from tourism reached a record $9 million from 355,849 paying visitors. The higher than expected US$1 million, although less than US$7 million, is much stronger than the expected operating loss. By 2016, the Sydney Opera House began to thrive and there was a hard-to-find situation. By 2017, the Opera House employed 8,988 people, and the total value of consumer transactions in the Bennelong Point area increased by nearly 50% to 219 million in 2017.

This phenomenon made the Deloitte Economic Research Institute feel so strange that they repeatedly checked the data to confirm that it was real, not a calculation error. They said in the report summary, “The development is so rapid because it is coming to Sydney. Increased number of international visitors, visits to the Opera House, improvements in travel and performance experiences, building renewal, population growth, online digital content consumption growth, and possible appreciation of Australian art as a whole.”

In fact, this summary is purely sloppy, because the Sydney Opera House has been there for 40 years, and the typical growth has been in recent years, and as for Australian art, to be honest, Who care?

This problem is much better explained from the feng shui, because in the binary eight movements, in 2017, it officially entered the 9th National Games, which is the departure of the shackles. The Sydney Opera House is sitting on the sea and collecting water from the north. This is The reason for the prosperity, the main income began to thrive with cultural performances.

This kind of luck is not coming out of thin air. The Sydney Opera House started its biggest comprehensive lighting upgrade in 40 years in 2014 (Jiawu). If you are familiar with the law of easyness, you can understand why this is the case. , all have their links.

Although the feng shui environment determines that the problems of the Sydney Opera House will continue, but people have the ability to adjust, they can continue to eliminate all resistance and continue to exist as one of the symbols of human civilization.



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