I let AI read the Taoist Scriptures, but I was shocked

Today, I played open AI’s artificial intelligence gpt-3 engine. The difference between gpt-3 is its scale of operation and the completion of a series of incredible tasks.

Many people have shouted after experience that the fear of writing in the future is to lose their jobs.

The results are very unexpected and the actual effect is shocking.

For example:

Enter: “after muddy path, you come to the small stone bridge in your hometown”. The rest of AI will continue to write this:

After the muddy path, I came to the small stone bridge of my hometown. The bridge is only a dozen feet high, but it is now piled up on dry riverbed. There is only one end of the bridge arch, which has been cut off for hundreds of years. The luggage, including sword light and book books, and food and everything, all scattered in the open river bed, scattered in the sand and Artemisia. Then he went to Xiangshu village to find other partners. Among the friends of Xinxuan, the first

AI generation

Input: “old crane“

The old crane said: “I have considered this possibility, but it is still impossible to call the two strange men and men of heaven and earth, Shuangsha, who will come back in the three days. I still can’t believe that when black and white double evil spirits fall from the sky, are the three men buried in the cave with hunting nets? ” “If so, 40 years ago, things must have happened,” said master Kuye

AI generation

Enter: “this is from time to end”

This is from time to time, and this ends at the time. How to understand the existentialist master th é As Logie Sartre has said, existence precedes essence. Whatever you do or not, it’s all there. Before human beings have updated their values, their choices and consciousness, they exist. Before human beings think about what this is and how to do it, it has been in our minds.

AI generation

The description here is very correct, even with logic reasoning, and input a more difficult one.

Input: the expression of social taboos and social fears outlines the common structure of human psychology.

The expression of social taboo and social fear outlines the common structure of human psychology. Compared with subconscious, complete self forgetting and transparency not only liberates the repressed emotion, but also forms the connection and desire. It is because of shaping human culture that we have a sense of awe, shame and original sense. In accepting religious rituals, human beings have their own rules and the desire to be free. Religious rituals are given a medium to take away the physical sense of death or all inanimate things that are consistent with their age. The joy of life is the focus of human appreciation, and the instruction of gods

AI generation

Write input with the last word: joy is the focus of human appreciation, and the divine instruction

The joy of life is the focus of human appreciation, and the instruction of gods is the source of human exploration and feeling[ 2] “The will of God” once included “some political, human and personal practice, although only the ethical model” is used. The famous philosophical treatise “criticism of practical rationality”, the first edition, the Chinese version has been changed. The original page 64, the modern Chinese version protects these pages.

AI generation

Most interesting is that the above content is extracted from the first sentence, and other content is completely generated by AI, which is not found online. In other words, they are created by AI.

In the last comment, we don’t go to the point of verification about page 64 of Kant’s critique of practical rationality, but it is likely that the content is forged by AI.

The most interesting thing is: the saying “modern Chinese version has protected these pages” is very original and interesting, although it is likely to be broken by the blind.

Input: how to explain the occurrence of illusion is fundamentally related to the purity and reliability of perceptual knowledge.

How to explain the occurrence of illusion is fundamentally related to the purity and reliability of perceptual knowledge. In the experiments of perception, we have found that after several steps of processing, people can draw correct conclusions whether it is the sensory representation of perception or the excitement of subjective representation of the experimenter, and there are regular cognitive contents behind these appearances. As long as these appearances are not objectively existed, people can draw correct conclusions. If appearance appears, it means there is something behind the appearance, and we can test it with such principle.

AI generation

“If there is appearance, it means there is something behind it, and we can test it with such a principle. And then ”

If appearance appears, it means there is something behind the appearance, and we can test it with such principle. And at this time, it depends on experience, and the frequency of occurrence is higher when there are many listed. The question is, are these judgments sufficiently regular? You must have some experience to judge, such as Newtonian mechanics, and Newton has some characteristics on the premise that we can prove through constant experiments. But it is still necessary to estimate the corresponding conditions of Newtonian mechanics only when human time and reality are in place. It’s important that we need to rely on experience to judge, like a puppy

AI generation

And then continue: “it’s important that we rely on experience to judge, like a puppy.”

It is important that we rely on experience to judge, just like the dog is hungry, and does not need the “ah ~”, and “it is going to call” instruction. The most anticipated part of the interview was that the interviewer found that it was not smelling after smelling garlic. Of course, the taste on your tongue is also important, so it’s great to remember to brush your teeth before you interview. In an interview, you should always follow the basic principles of “shaping judgment” and prepare for the appropriate self introduction until the interviewer is determined to ask you.

AI generation

It can be seen that, in the third continuation, there was a problem. The content somehow went nowhere, maybe related to cache. However, these are not important. I used it to input some content in Daojing, and the result was very interesting. Some inferences in it were quite interesting.

Note: the first section below is input content, the second is the continuation or explanation given by AI, while the comments are written by poor way.

The way of the husband is also the void, and the God luck is contained, and it is born from nothing. So empty people, the invisible form of the avenue. The sun and the moon, the tangible shape of the avenue.

AI generation: as mentioned above, Zhuangzi’s tangible form is “nihility, nihility, boundless, endless, endless”. The feature of this form is that nothing, ignorance and nothing, and no work, and everything has no and knows everything. There is no one else, not in our understanding. This nihility, nihility and nihilism are different from the nihilism of Taoism. This can be clearly seen from Zhuangzi’s self-contained state.

Comment: this sequel is good.

Whether there is a relationship or a combination of them, so the heaven and earth will exist forever, and the immortals will not be destroyed.

AI generation: this view should be attributed to the Yin Fu classic. Because the Yin Fu Scripture said, “Tao produces one, life two, two lives three, three lives all things.” That is to say, the heaven and earth are disordered, and everything is left in the same phase, and there is no other. Only the original “true Qi” produced is produced, so is the human body.

Comment: it is said by the moral Scripture, but the following reason is interesting, but it seems not related to input.

Dragon and tiger, lead mercury is also. Mercury is dragon, lead is tiger. The mother hides the daughter cell, the son hides the mother, knows the white and keeps the black, the God comes from the self.

AI generation: Dragon and tiger, lead mercury is also. Mercury is dragon, lead is tiger. The mother hides the daughter cell, the son hides the mother, knows the white and keeps the black, the God comes from the self. Or, knowing the white and keeping the dark can hold up the moral and Bai. It is the keeper of the dragon, the recluse for the tiger, the spirit heavy God does not fall. Lead is five colors, tigers are five colors; Knowing black and keeping white: Tiger moves and is associated with it; Heavy load: tiger is good at plundering; Five elements of life and rest: Although lead meat mortar is difficult to be sufficient, lead charcoal will have a source. Glass is not broken, mercury is still wet; Stone dragon DanJia, black scheduled to be.

Comment: the statement is very smooth, and it is obvious that “Qi is heavy and God is not subdued”, but it is not known how to derive it.

It’s big. The road is very good and true. It has been and is now. Therefore, the good saying of the ancient will be proved in this day; If you speak good, you will have a good experience.

AI generation: today, the son is in a row of 20000 Li, saying that he has not got his way, he cannot get his way first, and then goes back without knowing. When he fears his holiness, he will be the first to do the divination, to worship and to serve the forerunner. To the fearing heaven and the gods, the first is the way. To fear the heaven, the gods, the first of the Tao). It is the sage who has the most benevolence to show his heart, and the minister is not good.

Comment: context can be associated.

The book of heaven and machine, open avenue, and the root cause of leakage. Unity has its own clan, and it will have yuan. The scope of heaven and earth, through the dark.

AI generation: the product Xuan is called God, the product Xuan is called the spirit, the product Xuan is called the condensation, the product Xuan is called the void, and the product Xuan is called the empty. Originally, the Pearl of Xuan bead, urgent return to vacuum, to become king of the Lingbao, to birth baby. The world outside the xuandao is a treasure. In the beginning of Yuan Dynasty, the three mountains fell and the six stones were mixed into gold. In the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the emperor returned the essence of the product Xuan to the xuanzhu. The way of virtual spirit connects the Treasure Palace.

Comment: it’s a bit interesting.

All forms have disadvantages, but the Tao is immortal. People are in heaven and earth, and the letter of Tao is also.

AI generation: the living send also, all the way; All things are sent, and all things are Tao. Tao is unknown, virtue is small and rational. People know respect, heaven knows the answer, the virtuous person’s journey is completed, the sage’s work is accomplished. It was in the early days of Jue, and heaven wanted. The Tao is not easy to know the way the sky opens. The heaven and earth open, everything long embrace the outside of the body, the know-how is open.

Comment: it is quite ancient. More importantly, if combined with the previous article, it will be found that the AI is very interesting in the concept and derivation of life.

The original husband road is always clear, but not enough to be clear. People can be clear, not enough to become people.

AI generation: the sage can feel the Tao between heaven and earth, so it must be expressed in Zhuangzi, “husband and Taoism, have feelings and trust, nothing is invisible, can be named in the sky, can call the emperor”. Confucius “the system biography” said: “Tao is also, can not leave in a moment, can leave the non Dao also”, Qin Shihuang burned books, judged that Confucius Qiu was treacherous, and then re evaluated as Confucian “authentic”, more than 1700 years ago.

Comment: “Tao also, can not leave immediately, can leave the Tao also” is “rites. Mean” in, this paragraph is a little floating.

I don’t know what I want to be in this life. I hope that I can see what we will be doing in the future. If you fight, you will build the heaven and go on the road. Why should we go into the pit of the earth more.

AI generation: teacher language 2: as soon as you show rest, you will be smart, and you can know better than speak empty. It is said that tuoroni is a master without any action. If people use this color and silk money, why not 100000, 80 million, not pure habits need tweezers, fear of later law disaster. How to get a thorough understanding, not to be the blessing of the night can not exceed. The words of the secretary are quiet and make the door very unhappy. But the flame was already gone, how can it be more?

“As soon as he shows that he is intelligent, he knows better than speaks empty.” the flame is gone, and how to make it more effective. “Search engines can’t search for these. If AI does not copy the original sentence, it is generated by itself, which is amazing.

The fire in the furnace is hot and hot, and it is refined as gold and white as snow. Yin and Yang Xizu present Yang God, sitting outside God bright and bright.

AI generation: suddenly, the haze and the sun are blowing open, and the sky and earth appear in a dark time of light, like the bloody sun on the horizon, and it jumps out of chaos and nihility. Too virtual cloud falling worship table, up to the Taishang Dachen. The LORD said, “grace will not come down, and will kill.”. When it is, the three immortals are in the thunderbolt array, and the three immortals Holy Text ascend to the sky array. The heart of heaven is palpitating and the soul is sharp. When you enter the Shentong survey, you can see the flowers full of branches.

Comment: Unfortunately, it can not generate too many words, or you can see what the novel is saying at the bottom.

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